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Visionland is the debut studio album by American rapper YBN Nahmir. The album was released on March 26, 2021, through Atlantic Records and features guest appearances from 21 Savage, Ty Dolla Sign, G Herbo, G-Eazy, Offset, E-40, Too Short, FatBoy SSE, and DaBoii. The album failed to chart in any territory and reportedly sold only 4,000 copies in its first week of release in the United States.

Track Listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Still (Family)" (with Ty Dolla Sign) 3:46
2. "Regardless" 2:08
3. "Politics" (featuring G Herbo and Daboii) 5:03
4. "Opp Stoppa" (featuring 21 Savage) 2:15
5. "Get It Crackin" 2:20
6. "Fast Car Music (Stain)" 1:49
7. "Prison" 2:00
8. "Lamb Truck" 1:28
9. "Fast Car Ending" 1:16
10. "Wake Up" 2:04
11. "Belgium" 2:10
12. "Make a Wish" 2:42
13. "Homework" 2:17
14. "Streets" 1:50
15. "WooWam" 1:58
16. "Soul Train" 2:15
17. "2 Seater" (featuring G-Eazy and Offset) 3:50
18. "Cashland" (featuring E-40 and Too Short) 3:35
19. "Over Now" (featuring FatBoy SSE) 2:54
20. "Opp Stoppa" 1:05

Why It Sucks[edit]

  1. This only sold 4k copies in the first week that's worse than Find The Beat
  2. Despite being well-drawn, the cover art makes no sense.
  3. It was poorly received by both critics and the audience
  4. It's considered to be the biggest flop of 2021.
  5. There are little to no good songs.
  6. Nahmir's boring flow and delivery
  7. The lyrics suck
  8. The beats are very boring
  9. The flows are very repetitive
  10. Most of the songs are less than 2:30.
  11. It's easily worse than TATTLETALES
  12. His singing is unbearable to listen to.
  13. It even has "Soul Train" in this album.
  14. YBN Nahmir sounds terrible and even offbeat at times.
  15. Many such as Lil Yachty clowned him for this and Soul Train
  16. It sounds like an unfinished project like these two
  17. He ruined his entire career with this project
  18. Most of the songs are forgettable.
  19. It's the most disliked album by Google status which is saying A LOT.

The Only Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. There are a few good songs like Opp Stoppa
  2. Features like 21 Savage did well