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Tom MacDonald
Probably the most untalented rapper ever...

Tom MacDonald (September 21, 1988) is a rapper, songwriter, and former professional wrestler best known for the song "Straight White Male".

Why He And His Songs Suck[edit]

  1. He's the literal definition of a try-hard like Macklemore.
  2. He lies a lot in his songs like in "I Hate Hip-hop" when he said he wasn't a YouTube rapper.
  3. He also acts very immaturely, even though he is 32.
    • One example is when he's race-baiting.
    • Another example is when he caused a 'beef' with CDTVProductions because he said "Ghostories" was a bad album.
  4. He made a response track about "If I Was Black"
  5. His bad remix of Eminem's "The Way I Am".
  6. He's a racist as shown with "Whiteboy" and "Straight White Male" and "If I Was Black".
  7. His chemistry with Madchild is bad (Ex. White Trash, Bad News).
  8. He said "we're all racist and we're sexist" in "People So Stupid" which is not true.
  9. He barely has a good song which shows how untalented he is.
  10. In "Sad Rappers" he disrespects deceased artists like Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION, and even Kurt Cobain.
  11. He's an egotist as he called himself the most controversial rapper alive
  12. He made a horrible song about Covid-19 called Coronavirus.
  13. His laughably bad diss tracks on Mac Lethal.
  14. His single and album covers are terrible.
  15. He would block anyone who gives him minor criticism or jokes about him on Twitter, which shows that he can't take criticism well.
  16. He censors his curses in his videos but doesn't do the same for the audio. What's the point?
  17. What's worse is that he curses A LOT.
  18. Like Soulja Boy, when he uses autotune, he sounds terrible.
  19. His music videos are just bad like Whiteboy.
  20. His production is mostly complete garbage.
  21. In Fake Woke, he dissed both Eminem and Cardi B for no reason.
  22. He said he has $12 Million in the diss track Mac Lethal Sucks which isn't true. He actually has $100K
  23. His YouTube channel sucks.

The Only Redeeming Quality[edit]

  1. His production is sometimes good when he doesn't waste it.


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