The Nutshack theme song

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The Nutshack theme song
Hey, did you know it’s the nutshack?
Artist: NUMP
Released: 2007
Genre: Rap
Length: 1:09
Label: Myx TV

The Nutshack theme song is the title theme used for each episode in The Nutshack. It was written and performed by NUMP.


It’s the Nutshack! (Yo!, Yee, Yee.)

It’s the Nutshack! (What he say?, NUMP: Hoo-ughhh.., RS: Heyy..)

It’s the Nutshack! (Oh Yea!, Yeeeah, NUMP: Yah-Yahe)

It’s the Nutshack! (Hey, I'm in that shit!, RS: It's the Nutshack..)

It’s the Nutshack! (Don't forget ya boy Angel!)

It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!)

It’s the Nutshack! (It’s the Nutshack!, RS: Rainbow Scout..)

It’s the Nutshack! (Ed: Hey dude, you got dope?, RS: Dude, It's the Nutshack..)


It’s the Nutshack! (Hey!, *possibly Angel*: You guys my home!)

It’s the Nutshack! (This beat's knockin'!, RS: It's the Nutshack..)

It’s the Nutshack! (Wow!, Yeeeah!, RS: It's the Nutshack.., Angel: It's the Nutshack!)

It’s the Nutshack! (Hoo-ugh!, Dwayne: Let's get this crackin')

[Verse 1: NUMP]

Phil’s from the Soul, Jack’s from the P.I. (P.I.!)

Horatio or Horat so big-eyed!

Tito Dick, “Dickman”, baby!, He raised Phil and loves the ladies. Jack’s is cool and he's lazy, he’s still learnin’

On the right, Cherry Pie, she's still a virgin (Oooh..)

Chita, meet the freak of the week-ah! (Week-ah!)

Phil’s homegirl, got Jack wanna keep her

But it’s not happenin’, neither! (No!)

Shake it like a seizure!, Hold up, let me spark this, take a breather, Breathe the reefer in my lungs. I got grapes, what you watchin’, son-sa?

[Chorus] It’s the Nutshack! (×6)

It's the Nutshack! (Yo!) (×2) Hoo-augh!

[Verse 2: NUMP]
Dwayne is a hater, later alligator

Phil is the leader of a masturbators

Thanks to Sanjee, more porn than Ronnie

Jeremy, see? Smelling like 'nani

Oolie oolie ollie ollie, still be true-lie fo-sho-li

Oolie oolie ollie ollie, do the foolie fo-sho-li, olie

Woah-wow, hyphy hypo

NUMP on the track, no, it's not a typo

3030/Sick Wid It exquisite explicit

Angel'll pimp your ride, without Xzibit! (Without Xzibit!)

Ed's got his back, (What?), he run with what he can!

But whatever I do, I do it bigger with Manu! (He's my man!)

It's the Nutshack! (×8)

Why It Sucks[edit]

  1. Most of the lyrics are just "It's. The. Nutshack!" over and over again; in fact, said phrase is repeated 28 TIMES throughout the theme!
  2. The lyrics that don't comprise the chorus amount to random nonsense, even more so than in the Planet Sheen theme song.
  3. Just like with the show itself, the animation is very stilted and mechanical.
  4. There are some points in the song where Dwayne suddenly pops into the foreground to spout a random quip, none of which improve the song's flow in the slightest.
  5. The musical accompaniment is just a series of unpleasant looping techno tracks.


  • The song has become a rather egregious Internet meme for its poor quality.