The Great Beyond (Sausage Party Song)

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The Great Beyond is a song from Sausage Party having music created by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Glenn Slater, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Ariel Shaffir & Kyle Hunter.


Dear Gods You're so divine in each and every way to you we pray Dear Gods We pledge our love to you forever more We always felt we had a special bond Take us to the great beyond Where we're sure nothing bad happens to food

Once we're out the sliding doors, things will all be grand We will live our dreams together in the promised land The Gods control our fate, so we all know we're in good hands We're super sure there's nothing shitty waiting for us in the great beyond

And every aisle thinks something different (Holy shit I've been chosen) But to this we all agree (Booyah bitches I'm outta here) Everyone else is fuckin' stupid Except for those who think like me (And me, and me, and me)

Out there For all eternity we'll meditate How fucking great Out there We'll get to teabag every day at four (Pip Pip!) We'll shove pimentos up our ass by Zeus Ve'll exterminate ze juice Und subjugate ze whole damn great beyond

In here We keep our wieners in our packages That's how it is It sucks But that's the way our buns keep fresh and pure (Baby, baby!) But once we're out the doors it's not a sin For us to let you slip it in In other words we finally get to fuck (And love) And fuck (And hug) And fuck (And feel) And fuck (And share)

The Gods will always care for us They won't squeeze us out their butts We cannot overstate how confident we are that our beliefs are Accurate and nothing awful happens to us in the great beyond!

Kiss my brownish-yellow ass! I'm going to the great beyond, motherfuckers!

Why It Sucks[edit]

  1. They know about the great beyond.
  2. Horrible adult animation.
  3. They keep swearing.