Rich White Man

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Rich White Man

Rich White Man is the pseudonym Of American Rapper and music producer Kyle Del Gaudio is known for his song "I'll Take Your Life". He blew up after popular YouTuber Memeulous made a video on him.

Why He And His Songs Suck[edit]

  1. His songs have terrible production and beats are laughably awful. His beats, in fact, have been described as reminiscent of circus or clown music by some.
  2. His lyrics are very stupid and consist of bragging about cars, clothes, guns, drugs and making threats.
  3. His laughable stage name.
  4. His videos are usually just filmed in one location like an underpass or a park. In addition to that, they are poorly edited in an archaic version of Windows Movie Maker.
  5. His album and single covers are laughably bad, usually consisting of him with a gun and some money with a car sometimes in the background.
  6. He screams too much in his songs, especially in his song "I'll Take Your Life".
  7. Some of his songs are downright ear-rape like his most popular song "Get The Strap."
  8. His flow is awful and sometimes offbeat.
  9. Despite the fact he has improved, his new music is boring and uninteresting.
  10. He is an egotist: He goes on famous rappers' Instagrams or on the YouTube videos of their songs and comments that he's the best rapper in the game as a petty way to get clout and attention. He also says in his songs that he is "the best rapper in the game".
  11. He literally made a fake news article with the website about how he got "arrested" so he would get clout.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. His production and delivery have slightly improved with his song "Rippin' Racks". His improvement continued with his songs "Most Flow" and "Got Gwap".
  2. He has improved a lot since his terrible debut album and has gone from a downright terrible artist to one that's slightly mediocre.




  • Rippin' Racks (2019)
  • Most Flow (2020)
  • Got Gwap (2020)


  • His surname is Italian.
  • He is featured in many videos on YouTube that have gained millions of views