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Moose Tube is a channel that was made on summer 2015 on GoNoodle. They started GoNoodle's downfall all because their annoying songs.

Why Their Songs Sucks[edit]

  1. Their songs are annoying due to the point where Bridgette and Lindsay will yell or scream a word of their songs, Their basically a female version of 6ix9ine, But 6ix9ine screams louder than them.
  2. on their Llama song, They use Insults about a Llama like Totally Rad Llama, Barack Obama Llama, and Big Bad Momma Llama. Not just their cringeworthy, But is also disrespectful to call a animal that.
  3. Some songs don't make sense, Like Wadillyocho.
  4. They also make Nursery Rhymes songs with annoying versions of them.
    • Fish & Eggs & Vinegar is a cringeworthy version of Fish & Chips & Vinegar. But the only thing that was replace was "Chips"
    • A-Moose-Ta-Cha is a bad version of A Tooty Ta.
    • If I Were Not A GoNoodler is a another annoying version of Pop Goes the Weasel.
    • Alive, Alert, Awake! is also a stupid version of If You're Happy and You Know It,
    • Baby Shark, The sharks in the song looks like stock pictures of cartoon sharks or rejects of the shark mascot from Scratcher Sharkyshar. on Scratch.
  5. Terrible voice impressions, And if you thought that Elisocray was bad enough, Well No. The voice impressions in some of their songs are horrible.
    • They don't sound like a cowboy, a toddler, A Granny, Which has the same voice like the toddler voice impression,
    • The Vampire voice impression sounds awful,
    • The Rockstar sounds cringeworthy, But it sounds like the same voice like the toddler voice and the Granny voice impressions,
    • Their dog voice impression doesn't sound like a dog anyways. But instead, It Sounds like their doing a Death growl for Heavy Metal songs.
    • their Which voice impression from Boom Chicka Boom sounds like their cracking their own voices.
    • Their Opera voice impression from Fried Ham sounds like RackaRacka's Ronald McDonald voice.
    • Along with their baby voice don't sound like a baby.
    • and for their Beaver Call, They don't know what a Beaver says. and The song sounds like a ripoff of The Fox by Ylvis.
  6. One of the pictures on Coast to Coast, they use a California poster with the color palettes looking similar to the ones that were used from The Problem Solverz with the same Bright colors. Which is just seizure inducing to look at, And Seriously, Is GoNoodle trying to be a wannabe of that show with the colors.
  7. Their song even can have reskins of songs they made. The song, "Coast to Coast". is a reskin of Great Big Moose. However, But With Different Lyrics, and Hum De Dum is a version of Boogaloo.
  8. Their infamous Purple Stew song.
  9. Their update of The Pirate Life is ruined. By having Squatchy Berger (a character from their website). interrupting the entire song.
  10. A video called "Yes! I Want to Build a Snowman" sounds like their copying a song by Anna from the 2013 movie Frozen. And Well, It's the same stupid challenge GoNoodle is still milking, They also did a Fabio one with Fabio's Meatball Run. Which is similar.
  11. Peanut Butter in a Cup broke the fourth wall by telling the audiences to do the same thing, Just like Pop See Ko and Hola, Bonjour, HELLO! song.
  12. Their Beat is just the Guy, It is unknown what is actual name is, But he talks in some songs.
  13. The froggy costume from Little Green Froggy looks like the one from the LeapFrog Didj commercials.
  14. The lyrics are dumb and bad.
  15. Moose Fabio Don't Wear No Socks is a stupid title for a song, Also Wishy Washy Washer Woman is a another title. and fact, the song titles are abysmal.
  16. Fabio's costume is just a ripoff of Bullwinkle J. Moose from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, As well as Sounds like Mario, As their Italian, and even says Mama Mia!.
  17. It's milking Spanish versions of the songs along with GoNoodle does it.
  18. Their logo is a ripoff of the 2005-2017 YouTube logo, But The Font is different and The red rectangle was replaced a moose, The word "Moose" is dark brown along with the word "Tube".