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Lovely Peaches

Brittney Johnson, better known online as Lovely Peaches, is a 20-year-old former Instagram and TikTok user. As of July 2020, her TikTok account has been banned, and as of August of the same year, her Instagram has been deleted (though she did make a new one).

On January 21, 2021, she got arrested for animal cruelty, and was released on February 5.

Why she stopped making songs[edit]

  1. Her aggressive singing voice is very bad.
  2. She overuses auto-tune which makes her sound nasally and annoying.
  3. Her lyrics are pretty disgusting and feature her singing graphically about sex.
  4. Her music videos are very poorly made and just awful.
  5. She was under severe controversy after openly stating she was going to sell her daughter into prostitution despite her being only a FEW MONTHS OLD. She has also admitted to sexually assaulting her numerous times. Thankfully, she lost custody of her daughter and Cora is now in the custody of her grandparents.
    • In July of 2020 however, Peaches (somewhow) was able to get custody of her daughter and then proceeded to put up stories and posts on her Instagram talking about how she did numerous unspeakable acts to her daughter just days after gaining custody. This caused a massive uproar on the internet and thankfully Cora was once again taken away permanently from Peaches and the FBI is working on erasing Peaches from the Internet as well as making her pay for all the things she has done.
  6. She has performed sexual acts and unspeakable torture on a puppy before a rumor came out that she killed it. thankfully, police confirm the dog is alive.
  7. She is extremely disgusting, as she has posted images of her eating poop, period blood, and other nasty things. She also does not believe in showering or personal hygiene and has shown off her "unwashed" vagina, her having sex with various men, and defecating in her toilet to her (mostly underaged) Instagram followers.
  8. She has said several times that she wants to get any man she has sex with to be infected with STIs which is just nasty and an awful thing to do.
  9. She attempted to break into rapper Bhad Bhabie´s and singer Malu's houses and even posted pictures of herself supposedly stealing their clothing. She even hired a 30-year old man to rape TikTok star Charli D'Amelio.
  10. She seems to have a devoted and toxic fanbase that attacks anyone who says anything bad about her, and defend her repulsive actions as just "her being funny", which in itself is disturbing.
  11. She openly accepts pedophilia as a sexuality.
  12. She was recently arrested YET AGAIN after she abused and killed another one of her dogs and is currently facing prosecutions.