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Logan Paul

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber and "rapper". He is the brother of Jake Paul.

Why He and His Songs Suck[edit]

  1. He had the infamous video where he took a video of a person who had committed suicide in Aokigahara, better known as the Suicide Forest for one of his YouTube videos and laughed at it. Making this worse was that he was doing reckless behaviour and prank videos in Japan that involved racist remarks to the Japanese before the infamous video happened. Countless videos criticizing him have been made by several other internet celebrities such as TheAnimeman, PewDiePie, Keemstar, and Pyrocynical. Reina Scully also got attacked by Logan's fanboys and fangirls after she made a vlog discussing Logan's video.
    • Especially he made a thumbnail depicting a dead body based on its topic. That made him a click-baiter.
    • Logan even made his apology video regarding the suicide video, despite actually touching a dead body at the time.
  2. He plugged his merchandise when his friend's dog died.
  3. His brother (Jake Paul) is also a terrible rapper and a terrible person.
  4. His lyrics are terrible (ex. "I can ride your girl with no handlebars.")
  5. He was sued for ripping off the Flobots song "Handlebars".
  6. His KSI diss track was probably one of the worst diss tracks ever.
  7. His music videos are laughable.
  8. His production is terrible on his songs.
  9. His song titles are awful.
  10. Earlier in 2019, he has stated that he wants to go gay for a month, which is him pandering to the LGBT community. This backfired heavily. Even GLAAD of all organizations has called him out for his remarks.
  11. After the Suicide Forest incident and his ensuing apology, he posted a video of him using a taser on two dead rats and another video of him killing a fish. More backlash ensured since it demonstrated that he didn't learn anything from the Suicide Forest despite his attempts to come off as a changed man. Not only did controversial animal rights group PETA vocally criticized his actions but many people sided with them as well. YouTube themselves ended up temporarily demonetizing his channel.
  12. When it comes to movies, he's a terrible actor.
  13. When he plays a character, it's always either a carbon copy of himself or an over-privileged person who doesn't see the consequences of his actions ... which is also like him in real-life.
  14. His appeal comes from his asinine stunts and looks, which is how he's amassed a fan base that mostly consists of 13 year-old kids.
  15. The only reason he's ever cast in movies and series is due to having millions of followers and subscribers, which is setting a bad example for the industry and sadly affects the chances for actual good actors to be noticed and receive work. He along with his brother had to be fired from Disney because of this.
  16. As a prominent user on YouTube, his terrible actions, along with his brother's, affects how the YouTube community as a whole is seen and portrayed by in the media.
  17. He's incredibly obnoxious about his success.
  18. He endorses the asinine, illegal and immoral actions of his brother, Jake Paul.
  19. Because of his public image, any drama series or movie he's in, regardless of how awful it already is, just can't be taken seriously when he's there.
  20. He was very culturally insensitive in Japan. Throwing Pokéballs at pedestrians, police, and cars; taunting people with raw fish; smashing GameBoys in a public market and wearing a Kimono and Kasa.
  21. He is one of the edgy YouTubers who made videos showing inappropriate and disturbing themes to children. And no, censoring dirty words and disturbing imagery does not and will not work to make his videos being viewed by kids and families. If you have kids of your own, please keep them away from watching Jake and Logan's videos. If they do, just get them off and give a point to them why those Paul Bros.' contents are no place for kids to view.
    • Speaking of which, his fanbase is toxic all because it's made up of young teens and preteens, who should've known better than to enjoy content aimed at mature audience only, and even some of their parents can't even do something to them since they don't have any experience or care of doing something with their kids.
      • Even at the end in his suicide forest video, there's a cringey moment where a little girl, who is Logan's FAN, who interacts with that foul-mouth blond-headed guy himself.
        • Although, in his suicide forest video where he did put a viewer description warning sign at the beginning, but one problem: he didn't include the part stating who is not suitable for, all because of the video’s disturbing nature. Talking about his lack of responsibility he has to his viewers because if he did not add that to the warning sign, it will cause children, under 17, to view his video. That's what happened.
        • Even before the video did get taken down, his fans were still on his side no matter what.
  22. He just recently went emo to deliberately cash in on a meme wase an emo doppelganger dressed as him. Unsurprisingly, emos and non-emos alike openly criticized him for doing so just for a meme.
  23. A lot of little kids are influenced by him, and his fanbase mainly consists of kids under the age of 16.
  24. He ends up having a lot of fans, despite the content that he produces, but there's still a lot of people who dislike his personality, which is why he had a lot of controversy.
  25. He and his brother are both obviously on the platform for money.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. As hypocritical as it may be, even he was sickened by YouTuber Brooke Houts after a video surfaced of her abusing her dog and rightfully called her out on it.
  2. To clarify, he did show remorse for the suicide incident, so at least he's not completely heartless.
  3. He had a boxing match with KSI on August 28th, 2018 and a second match on November 9th, 2019, so at least he didn’t get away scot-free from the disrespecting the dead man in Suicide Forest incident.
  4. At least he didn't disrespect the culture and customs in Sweden.
  5. His vlog shows him procuring a dying owl, instead of abusing it like he did to a dead rat. He right away took it to the veterinarian for treatment and recovery.
  6. He openly called out his younger brother Jake for looting in Arizona and accusing the Los Angeles #BlackLivesMatter protestors. This shows that he at least has some standards when it comes to stuff like that.
  7. He has been behaving and improving since late 2019, staying away from criminal activities and childish acts in order to clean up his behaviour.
  8. There was a video where he brought a homeless man into a challenge regarding a huge fan and a lot of money. He let the man keep everything he could get, and his friends even gave the man the money they had picked up too. So that's one good thing he's doing.
  9. There was a video where he distributes his Maverick Masks to people for free including giving it to people while driving on the freeway.
  10. He actually did a pretty good job directing the music video for The Kid LAROI song "Wrong".

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