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Lil Wop

Louis McPherson (b. October 17, 1995), better known by his stage name Lil Wop (formerly Young Loucane), is a rapper coming straight out of Chicago, Illinois. He is cousins with fellow Chicago rapper, Famous Dex.

By his late teens he had begun uploading his original tracks online, and around 2016 he moved to Atlanta at the suggestion of his little brother, who had been living there for a while. His dark, almost demonic style was also heavily influenced by the relentless, threatening style of Gucci Mane. Lil Wop’s sounds eventually caught the ear of Gucci himself, who signed Lil Wop to his label, 1017 Eskimo, in the summer of 2017. That year was a busy one for the young rapper, who released a seemingly nonstop string of mixtapes, including Wake-N-Bake and a trio of mixtapes in his Wopavelli series.

Why He And His Songs Suck[edit]

  1. His rapping is terrible.
  2. His lyrics are awful and revolve about demonic things.
  3. His lazy and aggravating delivery.
  4. He ruined many Trippie Redd's songs, similar to these two?
  5. His voice is very annoying and uninteresting.
  6. His production is painfully generic.
  7. In all of his songs, he sounds exactly the same.
  8. Him and Trippie Redd were arrested for the royal rumble in 2018.
  9. In some of his songs, he even tries to rip-off Gucci Mane.
  10. He had beef with another terrible rapper.
  11. His cover arts are creepy and dreadful.