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JackG 2020.jpg
I'm hotter than a tractor...
Birth name: Jack Grummett
Also known as: The Hottest Boy Alive (Self-proclaimed)
Born: June 29, 1997 (age 23)
Genres: Hip hop
Mumble rap
Occupation(s): Unknown
Labels: TRUMusic USA
Associated acts: Submarine Man
Ruhshikuh Lakor

Jack Grummett (born June 29, 1997), better known by his stage name JackG, is an British rapper, singer and fantasist. He is also the founder and owner of the music label TRUMusic USA. He received notoriety during the summer of 2018, when YouTuber Memeulous made 2 videos about him, showcasing how he was living a fake lifestyle. It was later found out that he stole money from his ill granddad, and spent it on clothes, cars, and jewelry. He was arrested on February 1, 2019, for theft and making a false rape claim.

In December 2019, he was released from prison and has since resumed making music. He planned to release 2 projects, "I'm Your Savior" in May 2020, and "Criminal Genius" in June 2020, but he eventually scrapped both. Instead, he released "I'm Conceited (The Deluxe Edition) on May 29, 2020, and plans to release a TRUMix compliation called "JackG - The TRUMix Collection" sometime "around Christmas"..

Why He and His Songs Suck[edit]

  1. He made TruMusic USA even thou he is From England.
  2. He is very egotistical and says he's the "hottest boy alive." In one song he calls himself a "God among boys". He even made a song called "We All Love JackG".
  3. His lyrics are trash and make no sense (ex. "I'm hotter than a tractor.")
  4. Many of his songs have terrible beats, most of which are stolen and some of which don't have the "Purchase your track today" tagline removed. This is especially evident on his earlier albums.
  5. He fakes being a celebrity and just gets his friends to pretend to be paparazzi for fake fan meetups.
  6. He attacked Memeulous for exposing him as a fraud with a terrible diss track called "Memeulous A Lame".
  7. He made a terrible song about money and drugs in which you can't understand what he's saying.
  8. His song titles have no meaning and are utter nonsense most of the time. Examples include "Big Belly Boss" and "Got a Chicken In My Rari".
  9. He steals lyric samples from other songs and poses them as artists on his own label. One example is when he stole lyrics from U96's dance hit "Club Bizarre" and placed them on his song "Star" under the name Queen TRU.
  10. Almost every one of his songs contains product placement for Versace.
  11. In December 2019, in an obvious and desperate ploy for attention, he released a track titled "Memeulous A Lame Part 2". The track didn't mention Memeulous once. He then deleted the track a few days later after his attention-grabbing backfired. The song was later released as Criminals from Mehico.
  12. He says he's "part of a black community". This is not a one-time occurrence, as in the song "Boyz Like Me (Girls Like You TRUMix)", he states "Pretty obviously, you can not see I'm black". He also states this in his Memeulous reaction video twice.
  13. He view-bots and buys fake likes for almost all of his videos. He also bots comments on his YouTube videos, Instagram posts and twitter posts. It's also possible the accounts are real, but paid.
  14. In some of his songs, he screams or laughs hysterically. His voice also cracks in many of his songs.
  15. Most of his songs follow a similar pattern. They start out with his singing/rapping gibberish and random nonsense while getting more vulgar and explicit as the song progresses.
  16. He ruined a lot of good or already-bad songs with his TRUMix covers.
  17. In many of his songs, he is laughably offbeat.
  18. Autotune makes his songs sound even worse. This is evident in songs such as "Yung Hillary" and "All I Want For Christmas IS You - TRUMix".
  19. In some songs, such as "I Run The Streetz", his delivery is so laughably bad, it sounds as if he's saying whatever pops in his head.
  20. At the end of his 2015 album Grip of the Summer, he made a 7-minute outro where he makes false boasts about his lifestyle, and name drops people who he claims are "enemies he defeated in 2015".
  21. His adlibs are atrocious. Common adlibs in his songs include kissing noises, repeating the word "TRU" over and over again, and saying "Ya" over and over again.
  22. His songs uploaded to YouTube have received overwhelmingly negative reviews. As of March 14, 2020, the song "Memeulous A Lame" has over 14 times as many dislikes than likes.
  23. The editing for his songs is bad. In the song "Yung Hillary", you can hear someone coughing in the background. In the song "I Run The Streetz", you can hear the movement of the mic.
  24. In some of his songs, he mumbles a lot, which is hard to understand. Most of the times, his songs are not available on lyric websites.
  25. In addition to "Memeulous A Lame", his other diss tracks are just as bad if not worse. "Ashby Lames" and "Andre Work For JackG" are examples.
  26. He planned to release another album in 2020 titled Criminal Genius, before eventually scrapping the idea, which shows that even after his release from prison, his ego is still massive.
  27. He is a hypocrite and accuses others of doing things that he himself does, In the song "Liar" he says that other boys lie about themselves and fabricate their lifestyles, which is ironic considering his entire lifestyle was exposed as one big lie.
  28. In his song "JackG You're Not Really Rich", he makes fun of disabled people and calls his haters "disabled" while making gibberish noises, imitating how they supposedly talk.
  29. He made a false rape claim against a former friend, as part of a vendetta.
  30. He made a Twitter post comparing poor people to COVID-19, which is not only ridiculous but very insensitive. He later made a YouTube video saying the exact same thing.
  31. To promote the aforementioned Criminal Genius album, JackG posted an obviously fake news report on his YouTube Channel. The video also lies about the charges that he was arrested for.
  32. He stole around £35,000 from his grandpa's life savings to spend on luxuries and jewellery. If he really is a millionaire, he'd have no reason to do that.
  33. From 2013 until early 2014, he had a series titled "DD" which was a collection of horrible diss tracks aimed at people he knew in person that he uploaded to his YouTube channel. He made 15 of them in total, the last one being "DD15" which was uploaded in April 2014. They have since been marked as private, outside of DD12 Part 2. These songs also mark the first songs by JackG.
  34. Speaking of "DD12 Part 2", he promotes suicide in the track saying "If you say I can't rap, I would advise taking 30 pills at the same time".
  35. His stage name is laughable.
  36. Some of his songs barely qualify as songs such as "Got a Chicken In My Rari" or "I'm Your Idol".
  37. In 2014, he made a diss track against someone's dead father.
  38. The deletion of his albums possibly shows that he can't take criticism (we know he can't, but we don't know for sure if the deletion of his albums ties into that).
  39. A lot of his songs have the last half-minute be nothing but silence.
  40. He sold his bath water on eBay before Belle Delphine did.
  41. The cost to have JackG on your song is way too high. Even some bigger celebrities like John J. Dick (Serious Sam's voice actor) charge as low as US$1 to hire them.
  42. He has a personal vendetta against all "white boys" despite the fact that he himself is white.
  43. In the reaction video on Memeulous' video on him, he tells his fans to not send hate to Memeulous, and yet makes 2 "diss tracks" on him and claims he's gonna sue him.
  44. His earlier songs and albums were prerecorded with a terrible mic quality.
  45. His first album The Hottest Boy Alive can hardly be classified as music as it's JackG just screaming random nonsense into a microphone for 50 minutes, with absolutely no attempt to have a rhythm or flow with the beats he's using.
  46. He made a video claiming that Memeulous and he used to be friends and that the 2 videos he made on him were staged. The video claims three are now enemies because Memeulous only visited him once in prison.
  47. All of his album and single covers are laughably bad, especially the later ones since they're all in the wrong aspect ratio (16:9 instead of 1:1). (Sure, there are artists who have bad aspect ratio covers, but only because the cover art is the CD's jewel case like Kanye West's Yeezus and Post Malone's beerbongs and bentleys.) A lot of them are also poorly made in MS Paint.
  48. He's also getting worse. Some of his recent songs are unbearable and most of them are ear-rape.
  49. He was criticized by Submarine Man of all people, who called him a "horrible human" as a result of his arrest.
    • You know something is very wrong when a really bad musician called out another really bad musician for his/her/their criminal behaviours.
  50. He continues to be obsessed with Memeulous, making a fake lawsuit video against him.
  51. He lies about the release date for his albums and projects. He claimed his album "Grip of the Summer" would be released in July 2015, but it wasn't released until October 2, 2015. He claimed his album "I'm Conceited" would be released July 26, 2018, but it wasn't released until August 31, 2018. He also lied about the latter album's tracklist.
    • He additionally lied about the release date for his upcoming project "I'm Your Savior" 3 times! He first said in a Twitter post the mixtape would be released on May 8th, then said in the description for 2 of his YouTube videos it would be released on May 15th. He then claimed its released got delayed until May 22nd due to the coronavirus but eventually cancelled the album entirely.
  52. He seems to be very proud of his terrible music, often uploading videos to his YouTube channel and Snapchat page that have his music playing in the background.
  53. On May 25, 2020, JackG posted to his Snapchat that YouTube has made him a member of their partnership program, which means he will get royalties and revenue off his terrible music.
  54. He apparently deletes comments criticizing him, showing he can’t handle criticism.
  55. He is very disorganized with his releases. In addition to lying about release dates, he often fails to even follow through with releasing projects and albums.
  56. He apparently has very poor health management, as he looks freakishly emancipated and sleep-deprived in his latest tweet.
  57. He uploaded a video of him hugging and kissing a tree to his YouTube channel, which is irrational. He also rubbed body soap on the tree, which is even more ridiculous.
  58. He made a song called "The Jamaican Drug Lord" where he tries to sound black, which is offensive and racist. He also speaks gibberish most of the song.
  59. Many of his recent videos are very racist.
  60. He recently made a video where he says Memeulous wants to have sex with him, which everyone knows, is a big lie.
  61. He also made a video stating he's better than Whitney Houston, and even got defended by a bot.
  62. There are over 60 Reasons why he sucks and Only ONE redeeming Quality!

The ONLY Redeeming Quality[edit]

  1. At least he doesn't have as much Versace product placement in his songs as Anuel AA, Although, that really isn't saying much.


Studio Albums[edit]

  • The Hottest Boy Alive (2014)
  • Grip of the Summer (Album)|Grip of the Summer (2015)
  • Tbjb (The Black Justin Bieber) (2017)
  • Mr Grummett (2018)
  • I'm Conceited (2018)
  • I'm Conceited (The Deluxe Edition) (2020)


  • TRUBoy JackG Mixtape (2015)
  • Tru a Ween (2015)
  • JackG - The TRUMix Collection (2020)


  • Halloween Special (2014)
  • Armageddon 2 (2015)
  • TRUmix (2015)
  • Diss List (2015)
  • TBA (Christmas 2020)


  • Playin (2015)
  • Crazy Rich Tru Boy (2015)
  • Reincarnation (2015)
  • Rari Rari Rari (2016)
  • Book Bag (2017)
  • Outshine Ya (2017)
  • Mansion Party in the Sun (2018)
  • Kilo In The Club (2018)
  • Money N Narcs (2018)
  • Candy (2018)
  • Twice As Cruel (2020)
  • The Revenge of JackG (2020)
  • They Mad (2020)

Other Songs[edit]

  • For a full list of JackG's TRUMix songs click here.
  • The Hottest (2014)
  • Yaaaaaaaaa (2014)
  • Yung Hillary (2016)
  • Pop Trap N Pills (2017)
  • Jack Money (2018)
  • Memeulous A Lame (2018)
  • JackG Harassed Me (2018)
  • I'm Your Idol (2020)
  • The Jamaican Drug Lord (2020)
  • Memeulous A Lame Part 2 (2020)


  • In his 2015 album "Grip of the Summer", he listed Rick Ross, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj as a few of his biggest influences.
  • His albums "Tbjb" and "I'm Conceited" were removed off all streaming platforms and can no longer be listened to anywhere. His album "Mr Grummett" is only available on iHeartradio.
  • Interestingly, in the "Outro" for his album "Grip of the Summer", he refers to himself as "The White Kanye West", but in his song "Big Belly Boss", he refers to himself as "The Black Justin Bieber".
  • He is the founder and owner of the label "TRUMusic", which started in 2014. The current state of the company is unknown.
  • His song "Fetish TRUMix" was sampled and used in Submarine Man's notoriously bad song "To the Top".

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