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The The Adventures of Gracie Lou theme song is the main theme song to the obscure The Adventures of Gracie Lou. It is sung at the beginning of every episode, and is performed by a kids choir.

The song is performed in the key of F major.


Come and play with Gracie,
We'll have a lot of fun!
Charlie's chasing Henry
In the morning sun.

Sing and dance with Granddad,
Matilda's dancing too!
There's lots to see and do,
So can we come play with you?

Gracie and her pals all
Want to play with you!

Why It Sucks[edit]

  1. The whole thing is a blatant rip-off of South Park, which is a lot better and a toddler version of it and more mature bad words and the cartoon is only for adults it has blood and adult jokes.
  2. Gracie Lou acts like a brat Heck even Jimmy Neutron have better theme song then this badass and better episodes But the movie is better then the The Adventures of Gracie Lou.
  3. It existed But the The Adventures of Gracie Lou theme song it freaking horrible terrible and the even the show called The Adventures of Gracie Lou!.
  4. The theme it was so obscure. that many people never sing of the theme song but the lyrics almost cant find on internet It was even obscure such as Baby Shark and ABC For Kids The program who shows The Adventures of Gracie Lou on TV.
  5. The theme song it is very underrated terrible bad and even horrible the theme song is even worse Then Baby Shark and kid's songs.
  6. The time of this theme song dont fit well and it is very short and very little lyrics Heck even Baby Shark have many lyrics then the The Adventures of Gracie Lou theme song.
  7. It’s looks like for babies young kids and adults who will be like horrible even the Baby Shark and some are better.
  8. Gracie is loathsome and bad Heck even Jimmy Neutron is good then this badass and cool.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. Gracie Lou's design is very cute nice and cool then some ugly animated shows.
  2. It’s not that bad as the Caillou theme song but the Caillou theme is not that bad and the show is better.
  3. Gracie Lou can be enjoyble likeble fun and young kids at sometimes.
  4. The song can be fun and cool at sometimes It's coll then some kid's songs.
  5. The song is very cute and cool It's is better then some bad kid's songs.