Find The Beat (Blueface album)

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Find The Beat (Blueface album)

Find The Beat is the debut album by American rapper Blueface. It features guest appearances from rappers Gunna, Lil Baby, Polo G, DaBaby, Ambjaay, NLE Choppa, Stunna 4 Vegas, Jeremih, and YBN Nahmir.


# Title Length
1. First Class (featuring Gunna) 3:11
2. Vibes 2:15
3. Weekend (featuring Lil Baby) 3:08
4. Murder Rate (featuring Polo G) 2:03
5. Obama (featuring DaBaby) 2:08
6. Carne Asada (featuring Ambjaay) 2:59
7. Viral 2:14
8. Holy Moly (featuring NLE Choppa) 1:58
9. Dirty 2:13
10. Wire (featuring Stunna 4 Vegas) 1:54
11. Double Bacc 2:36
12. Period 3:15
13. Close Up (featuring Jeremih) 2:56
14. In the Zone 3:24
15. Street Shit 2:44
16. 2 Diccs (featuring YBN Nahmir) 2:31

Why It Sucks[edit]

  1. The production is horrible in most of the songs.
  2. Most of the songs are boring.
  3. "Period" and "In The Zone" proves Blueface can't sing.
  4. The album cover got worse when it dropped.
  5. Most of the features are bad.
  6. "Street Shit" is laughably bad.
  7. There is nothing important or game-changing in this album.
  8. "Carne Asada" was horrible.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. Blueface is actually rapping on beat here.
  2. Some of the beats are cool.
  3. Some of the features were great such as NLE Choppa verse on "Holy Moly", Gunna's verse in "First Class" and Polo G's feature in "Murder Rate".