DJ Akademiks

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DJ Akademiks

Livingston Allen, better known by his alias DJ Akademiks or Lil Ak, is an American Rapper and Internet Persona.

Why He Sucks[edit]

  1. The only reason people know him is that he's an overrated clout chaser.
  2. He has a boring flow.
  3. He consistently collaborates with 6ix9ine.
  4. He even tries to defend him.
  5. He and Lil Yachty tried to start a nonsensical beef with Yung Bans and accused him of imprinting Teenage Emotions with Misunderstood simply because of both albums centering around being misunderstood, despite that being a very common topic in rap since long before Teenage Emotions released, and both albums having little in common sonically.
  6. His cover art is bad.
  7. He stole Kanye West's verse from MAMA and reused it in GATA which is Plagiarism
  8. He worked with bad artists like 6ix9ine.
  9. He can overuse the autotune which can be annoying
  10. He has a stupid look with colored dreadlocks like another rapper.
  11. He's basically the Keemstar of Instagram.
  12. His Clout Chaser EP sucked.

Some Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. He hasn't been known to be racist.
  2. His Instagram news can be legit at times.
  3. His dreads aren't godawful.