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City Girls

City Girls is an American hip hop duo consisting of Yung Miami (pronounced "Young Miami", born Caresha Romeka Brownlee; February 11, 1994) and JT (born Jatavia Shakara Johnson; December 3, 1992). The duo originate from Miami, Florida, and garnered attention after making an uncredited guest appearance on "In My Feelings," the 2018 chart-topping single by Drake. They are signed to Quality Control Music and have released one mixtape, Period (2018), and two studio albums: Girl Code (2018), which spawned the platinum-certified singles "Twerk" and "Act Up", and, City on Lock (2020).

Why They And Their Music Sucks[edit]

  1. The best way to describe these two is Nicki Minaj multiplied by two.
  2. They have terrible voices. Yung Miami's voice is slutty and grating and JT's voice sounds very bratty.
  3. Their rapping is terrible.
  4. They have poor flowing skills and sometimes they don't even switch them up.
  5. Their lyrical content is awful as they're lyrics revolve around sex, bragging, money and butts and some of they're don't make any sense at all like another rapper.
  6. They can have bad and petty attitudes.
  7. Yung Miami ruined "a&t" by 21 Savage.
  8. JT is known for dissing other female rappers like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B for no good reason.
  9. They made a song dedicated to female privates "Pussy Talk".
  10. Their music videos are terrible.
  11. The BET Hip Hop Awards of "Pussy Talk" was terrible. On top of that, there is a part where a man rubbed his face in Miami's private area.
  12. Their beats are usually either mediocre or just boring.
  13. They're just unlikeable artists in the music industry.
  14. Both of them are really problematic.
    1. Young Miami said she would beat up her son if he was gay
    2. JT said lot of homophobic, islamobhobic, racist, colorist and transphobic things on her twitter and also said she would like to be raped by R. Kelly.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

  1. The beat on "Act Up" isn't that bad.
  2. Their features on "Said Sum" by MoneyBagg Yo were pretty good.
  3. They have some good songs like "Come On" featuring Saweetie.