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AJR is an Indie Pop band formed by three brothers, Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met.

Why They Used to Suck[edit]

  1. They use tons of Autotune, so much so that their real voice becomes unrecognizable, especially in "The Click".
  2. They use copyrighted assets or brand names, like in "Don't Throw Out My Legos", or "I'm Ready", which is just Spongebob's catchphrase remixed to make a song.
  3. Their album names suck.
    • "I'm Ready" could have gotten a better name, "Living Room" is just living room, and "Burn Down the House" is similar to "Burning Down The House"
  4. They had once a member that went completely uncredited for their music.
    • And note, he CREATED the instrumental for AJR.
  5. Some of their lyrics suck.
    • For example, "You never overheard/ That I blew twenty grand on shirts/ Nobody knows my quirks/ 'Cause I'm not famous, no." is unique but it is pulled off terribly.

Redeeming Qualities[edit]

They are good enough to be on the best music and songs wiki

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