Warzone (Yoko Ono song)

Warzone (Yoko Ono song)
Warning: Listening this song will cause a warzone in your eardrums
Artist: Yoko Ono
Released: October 24, 2018
Recorded: Unknown
Genre: Avant-Garde
Length: 3:05
Label: Capitol
Producer: Unknown

Warzone is a song by Japanese singer Yoko Ono, former wife of The Beatles, John Lennon.


We're living in a warzone
It's a warzone

Men flashing their guns and balls
Women looking like Barbie dolls
Wake up, wake up
Hold your life
We're out to chill, out to kill
It's a warzone

Guys stealing zillions get away
While we knock each other to make our day
Wake up, wake up, hold your life
Wake up
They're out to chill, they're out to kill
Warzone, warzone, warzone, warzone

Don't make us laugh with your high-minded talk
When all you want from us is some pillow talk
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
Hold your life

Warzone, oh, oh, oh, oh!
Warzone, warzone
We're living in a warzone
Help us, help us
If you hear me, if you hear me
Please help us

Why It SucksEdit

  1. The production is just a combo of piano, a bunch of animal sound effects, and gunshots.
  2. She's not on beat half the time.
  3. The lyrics are not that good. Even though This song is about her struggle during World War 2, and we applaud her for writing about a serious subject, it just seems poorly executed,
  4. Yoko's screechy vocals are enough to get on your last nerves.
  5. The song seems a bit outdated and would fit more as a 1960s or 1970s anti war message.
  6. All she says is "warzone" several other lines for 3 minutes.

The Only Redeeming QualityEdit

  1. She projects well for her age (85 at the time of the song’s release).