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#SilvaGunner - on best music and songs wiki.
#SilvaGunner - on best music and songs wiki.
#Any revived from Garbage Memes Wiki like Oh Yeah Yeah and Momo Song, because of terrible grammar and english.
#Any revived from Garbage Memes Wiki like Oh Yeah Yeah and Momo Song, because of terrible grammar and english.
#E-Rotic: Controversial reasoning, planned to have an article on Best Music Wiki.
== Staff ==
== Staff ==

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The banner of shame

Welcome to Horrible Music & Songs Wiki, where we list singers that almost everyone hates, terrible albums, horrible moments in music history, and even some of the worst songs ever! For the best version see the sister wiki.

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Horrible Music and Songs Wiki is a reception wiki and questionably founded by LambdaLegend on August 29, 2017. On September 24, 2019, NTVM2005 made a new version of this wiki and named to Horrible Music Wiki.

Featured Articles

Rules and Guidelines

First of all, remember to read all of the rules before editing for the first time.

  1. When editing this wiki stick to music/songs that are actually bad, regardless if they have a positive or negative reception from critics and audiences.
  2. There are 3 important headings to use with each article: The Lyrics, Why It Sucks and Why He/She and His/Her Songs Suck,(No custom headings allowed). Lyrics and Why It's are reserved for songs and albums and Why He/She and His/Her Songs Suck is reserved for music celebrities, however Bad Qualities and Good Qualities section for any Music and Songs, Music Makers that are in the "Average Music/Songs' category and "Average Music Makers" category rather than usual Why It Sucks or Why He/She and His/Her Songs Suck and Redeeming Qualities. The letter must contain valid and detailed reasons; do your best to avoid generic stuff like "bad acting/animation/soundtrack/etc", or other pointers like "this spawned memes/trends".
  3. Vandalizing other articles (i.e. removing information or messing with the articles without a good reason) in this wiki can result in a permanent ban.
  4. Rude behavior is not allowed. If you are rude towards a user, expect a permanent ban.
  5. Do not make pages about any random bad song online. The song has to be either a viral song, a song by a famous rapper or singer, or a song on an album of either a video game or a feature film.
  6. Joke songs and songs made by YouTubers should not be included on this wiki unless it is a viral hit such as "Friday", "Dreamscape", or "Sweatshirt", OR if it's officially released as a single (meaning it MUST have a single artwork). Otherwise, we just get random songs, parodies, and covers by small YouTubers or YouTubers that are known to make parodies or joke songs. This is plaguing this wiki in all the bad ways. If you want to create a page for any YouTube songs like these, here is the wiki to put it on.
  7. As of 8/1/2020, theme song pages are allowed, as long it had given negative feedback, with the exceptions on Niché Audience Show theme songs.
  8. No biased articles that were made back on FANDOM.
  9. Do not add false or misleading, untrue, and invalid information back on FANDOM, doing that will result in a ban.
  10. Just because a song was in a movie or series, unless it's a main single such as "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (Remix)", it should not be included.
  11. Please do not use memes or cringe community words to describe why a song is bad (e.g. "The voices sounded like 100,000,000,000 Caillous screaming, laughing, and saying la la la la la la la la la la la over and over again.") Please describe a song in a more mature detailed manner (e.g. "The amount of Auto-Tune on his/her voice is just hilariously bad and makes her sound robotic.") This is not a meme fest or a joke website, this is supposed to be a website that is supposed to act serious, otherwise it can cause drama.
  12. Do not put a song down because YOU hate it. It needs to be a song that's hated by either critics, audiences, or both.
  13. Commercial jingles should not be included on this wiki, especially the 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS jingle.
  14. Music/Songs that are not allowed include Religious Music/Songs and Niché Audience Music/Songs of any kind. Niché Music/Songs are too peculiar to have decent reasons for the articles. They are too peculiar to be discussed in an unbiased manner by average viewers, therefore they can't have pages here. The "It's made for kids" page is another exemption because it's an overly common practice, even outside of niché music/songs. As of July 2019, FuturisticHub-related pages are not allowed due to Miraheze's staff requests.
  15. Just because it's a bad song or singer that's hated by a low amount of people, does not mean add it here.
  16. Do not make or add random categories for songs unless it's true.
  17. Please don't half make a page with minimal reasons why it sucks. If the page looks like it needs a few touch-ups to make it look better and presentable, that's one thing. But if you want to make a page, please make sure it does not look like it was written by someone with a kindergarten mentality.
  18. Don't make hate pages or random pages that do not contribute to this wiki.
  19. Make sure that you know what you mean when you add a reason of Why It Sucks, Redeeming Qualities, and/or any given trivia about it. We don't want questionable reasons here.
  20. Be as formal as possible when editing a page; for example, don't Type Like This when editing a page and articles should be written in third-person (no "I", "we", or "you" allowed).
  21. Do not create a page about a song or album that hasn't been released yet. No exceptions.
  22. Reasons for deleted comments are: Harassing other users if the comment makes no sense & making celebrity propaganda.
  23. No spam. Also, no advertising, but you can casually mention something you want to spread the word about (i.e. Messages between friends, a quick blurb on your profile, etc.)
  24. Do not censor the lyrics to an explicit song. Swearing in the comment section is also allowed (with the exception of the Homophobic and racial slurs) as long as it's not used to offend other users..
  25. No harassment or bullying (especially Cyberbullying), or making fun of or joking about diseases, disorders, or tragedies such as autism and cancer.
  26. All pages should be made in English, and because this is an English-language wiki. However, if a song is in another language, translating the lyrics isn't necessary.
  27. Saying that an artist's fanbase or hatebase is terrible is not a Why It Sucks pointer. Complaining about that is reserved in the comments section and here.
  28. No pages out of songs you hate that aren't bad, like Halsey or The Chainsmokers (the latter is already improving in quality).
  29. Add proper grammar and spelling.
  30. No kids under 13 years old are allowed in this wiki.
  31. Somebody hating their songs that are bad shouldn't be added as a bad or good quality when it comes to songs the same goes for companies removing their singers or any other type of singer when it comes to talking about singers.
  32. No unfinished pages.
  33. Making Excuses for bad choices will not be tolerated.
  34. Don't be selfish, idiotic, or hypocritical.
  35. Strictly No flame and/or edit wars are allowed.
  36. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in ONE warning. If you persevere you will be blocked for a period of time. The duration of the block will depend on the gravity of your misbehavior unless already specified in the rule.

Forbidden Pages

  1. Anything related to Flex Entertainment (except SESE)- Clogging up the wiki, and troll feeding.
  2. Michael Jackson (and any of his songs) - Making a page of him or any of his songs on this wiki would be disrespecting him, his legacy, and the dead.
  3. N&A productions and all of his songs - N&A Productions is already on Terrible TV Shows Wiki, while Dame Tu Cosita Gang is already on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki.
  4. Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho - Controversial reasoning, planned to have an article on Best Music and Songs Wiki.
  5. Camila Cabello - Havana feat. Young Thug - Controversial reasoning, Planned to have an article on Best Music and Songs Wiki.
  6. Lizzo. She has an article on Best Music & Songs Wiki. As of today her songs should not be added as they have not received a negative reception, if her reception changes in the future then a page about her songs could be added.
  7. Kat McSnatch or anything related to her. She has an article on Best Music & Songs Wiki.
  8. Kim Kardashian - Never had plans to start a singing career despite Jam (Turn It Up) being a flop.
  9. My First Album - Peppa Pig - Way too niche audience to be on here.
  10. Joke Songs and YouTube songs (EX: SuperMarioLogan - The Bunny Do!) (unless if they are officially released as singles) - Could Clog up the wiki.
  11. RM & Wale - Change - The song should not be added as they have not received a negative reception
  12. Unreleased albums as they have not been officially released and we have no idea whether they are good or bad.
  13. Doja Cat - Just because she released MOOO! does not mean she is bad.
  14. Normani - She is currently being harassed by the toxic Camila Cabello fanbase, and she is planned to have an article on Best Music And Songs Wiki, so she may not have an article on here.
  15. Minecraft parodies (ex. Mine Diamonds) - Could clog up the wiki, same with Joke Songs.
  16. Let It Go - Idina Menzel - Controversial reasoning and could cause drama.
  17. Motivation - Normani - Controversial reasoning.
  18. Lou Bega - He’s good...a bit, but there is an annoying chorus in Mambo No.5.
  19. Melanie Martinez or anything related to her - Because of flame wars and edit wars.
  20. Taylor Swift - Lover (song) - It's considered one of Taylor's best songs she has done in her modern era. Plus, it has a page on Best Music And Songs Wiki.
  21. Generic Hip-Hop/Rap songs - Flood and clog up the wiki.
  22. Eminem - He has a page on the Best Music and Songs Wiki. His new music may be added though as it has decreased in quality by a landslide.
  23. Chris Brown (old)
  24. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance - It's a truly good song that's already having an article planned for Best Music And Songs Wiki
  25. Lady Gaga - Applause - Not a bad song, was well received from critics.
  26. Taylor Swift - The Man - A well-received song.
  27. Lorde - Royals - Sure, it may be crazy-minimalistic, but the way Lorde sang it and the way the song is produced is really creative and unique. Besides, it too is going to have an article on Best Music And Songs Wiki.
  28. Pink Guy - STFU - Already has a page on Best Music And Songs Wiki and is a great comedy song.
  29. Panic! at the Disco - Into The Unknown - Controversial reasoning.
  30. Charli XCX - Only a couple of her items can be here as she is still a good artist, plus, the only album she released that was bad was "Charli".
  31. Basshunter & His Discography - His songs are very good since he has a page on Best Music And Songs Wiki.
  32. James Safechuck (Michael Jackson Accuser) - Not a real artist; Has never released or recorded a song.
  33. Dan Reed (Director of Leaving Neverland) - Same as James Safechuck.
  34. Jordy Chandler (First Michael Jackson Accuser) - Same as James Safechuck.
  35. Gavin Arvizo (Second Michael Jackson Accuser) - Same as James Safechuck.
  36. Skrillex - Controversial reasoning.  
  37. Kobe Bryant - Disrespecting the dead.  
  38. Michael Trapson - An artist who respects Michael Jackson's legacy.
  39. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Pointless to make a page out of. Plus, his spoofs of various songs are pretty good nether the less.
  40. zicari101 - Too obscure to be on the wiki.
  41. Anything related to Jaewon XXVI - For controversial reasons, he is forbidden on both Best Music Wiki and this wiki.
  42. Intro songs - They aren't long enough to be considered songs. The only exception is if the song is a shorter version of an actual song, like most anime OPs.
  43. Commercial jingles (ex. 1-877-KARS-4-KIDS)- They are too small to be considered songs.
  44. XXXTentacion - Disrespecting the dead.
  45. Juice WRLD - Disrespecting the dead.
  46. Pop Smoke - Disrespecting the dead.
  47. Mac Miller - Disrespecting the dead.
  48. Tay-K - Just because he is a criminal doesn't mean his music is bad.
  49. Lil Peep - Disrespecting the dead.
  50. Old Town Road and its remixes - They are not bad, plus they already have a page on the Best Music Wiki.
  51. Nothing belongs on the wiki just because of its fanbase. The same goes for if you want to give individual fanbases their own pages (you can't do that).
  52. Gacha Life, Roblox, Vyond/GoAnimate, Plotagon, or non-parody Minecraft songs or MVs for already existing songs unless the song was officially released as a single (ex. most Submarine Man songs).
  53. Kid Phang, Ashi, Young Ryan G & MainCiaga - Just because they are/were on Flex Entertainment doesn't make them bad artists.
  54. Instrumental songs from soundtracks and/or played in the background of something like a tv show, movie, podcast, or YouTube video - they aren't big enough to be considered full-on songs.
  55. Lil Mosquito Disease & Yung Schmoobin - Unless you specify that you are referring to their pre-2020 careers, don't put them on the wiki.
  56. Any song released under the "FLEX LEAKS" account, such as YANG 2012 - OPINIATED or Drake ft. Lil Mosquito Disease - Glistening - Unless the song was released before or after it was leaked (The examples given weren't), it wasn't officially released, so it doesn't qualify.
  57. Leaked songs, in general, are forbidden on this wiki unless they were released before/after they were leaked.
  58. Full on advertisement songs, such as the Protegent Antivirus Rap - They don't qualify.
  59. Songs only performed live -They aren't commercial releases. Even if they are released as part of live albums, they aren't full-on produced songs. In some circumstances, it could be made into an "awful moments on music history" page instead of a page on the song itself.
  60. Demo songs and freestyles (EX. "Man's Not Hot" by Big Shaq) - Again, they aren't official releases. Even if a demo song does get officially released, it is still a demo and not meant to be a full-on song (unless it's something like Seoul by RM where it is a full-on song that was leaked as a demo beforehand.)
  61. Hopsin - No Words and No Words 2 - They are mockeries of Mumble Rap songs, not actual Mumble Rap songs.
  62. Smokepurrp - Audi - It was well received.
  63. Blueface - Bleed It - It was well received.
  64. Nightcore songs - While a page on the genre is allowed, pages on individual nightcore songs aren't.
  65. Nursery rhymes such as Johnny Johnny Yes Papa aren't allowed on the wiki because they aren't full-on songs. Also, the nursery rhyme baby videos on YouTube aren't allowed on the wiki because they are made for a niche audience and are easy to make and churn out as a content farm.
  66. Nokia Arabic Ringtone - It's a ringtone built into Nokia phones, it isn't a full-on song.
  67. Fan-made remixes and mashups - They are not official releases.
  68. A toxic member of the wiki - Unless they are a music artist and/or someone like Rich White Man finding their page on the wiki and plagiarizing it, they aren't allowed.
  69. Things like you putting on an embarrassing performance at a school concert, homemade mixtapes, CDs of your school concert or a compilation of what you performed in music class are too personal to be on the wiki.
  70. Game Console Startups - Again, they are not full-on songs.
  71. Posthumous music is allowed, but don't put something on the wiki just because it's posthumous, as there are good examples of posthumous music
  72. Don't put something on the wiki just because YOU don't like it.
  73. Don't put a song on the wiki because it's by a bad artist or vice versa.
  74. Stuff like practice CDs that come with books that teach you how to play recorder are not full-on albums.
  75. Nostalgia Critic's The Wall - The album is allowed, but the review is already on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki so it isn't.
  76. Video games based off of music artists (ex. Spice World) - They most likely already have a page on Crappy Games Wiki.
  77. ARTV - Message from Jon (Intro) - It's not meant to be a song.
  78. MC Hammer - "U Can't Touch This" - It's actually a good song, and it was only added back on FANDOM for personal reasons. Planned to have an article on Best Music and Songs & Wiki.
  79. Dreamscape - Poorly written, biased and hypocritical.
  80. SilvaGunner - on best music and songs wiki.
  81. Any revived from Garbage Memes Wiki like Oh Yeah Yeah and Momo Song, because of terrible grammar and english.
  82. E-Rotic: Controversial reasoning, planned to have an article on Best Music Wiki.


These are the people who are currently managing the wiki, contact them for any question.


Discussions/Chat Moderators

None, and there never will be any.

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